“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” ― Charles Dickens

In 1985, business leaders William O. Daggett, Jr., Robert J. Kistler, Michael T. Piotriwicz, Robert E. Tiffany, and William D. Workman, attended a speech on charitable giving. The five—who at that time worked for Kistler-Tiffany Companies (now Kistler Tiffany Advisors and Kistler Tiffany Benefits, respectively)—were so inspired by what they heard, decided to take immediate action.

Since that inspirational lecture, the Kistler-Tiffany Foundation has devoted itself to improving the lives of those in need who are mentally, socially, or physically disadvantaged through no cause of their own. Over the last three decades, the Foundation has provided various levels of support to a wide-variety of charitable organizations throughout the tri-state region from food banks to children’s camps to shelters for victims of domestic abuse, and other non-profits that are in need of financial assistance.

It was important to the founders that the Foundation not just “sign checks” but also donate time and physical resources to the underserved through volunteerism. That philosophy in turn has inspired both Foundation board members and the staff of Kistler Tiffany Benefits to devote their own personal time and energy assisting with service projects, including construction, grounds work, meal preparation, and more. Board members also make every effort to attend grant recipient events.